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Hi there, here is a brief rundown of my life. I have been conditioned in this practice, since birth. I am a descendant from an Ancient Greek bloodline, with a true Gypsy spirit, that has devoted their lineage to studying Astrology and healing the human mind. I am a Master of Spiritual Counsel, and advising spirits to their destiny. They understood the universal language of life. This ancient knowledge has been passed down, through my bloodline, for over 2,000 years. I am an eighth generation counselor, and advisor of this Divine art. My bloodline has served many great leaders in history, and it has been a true honor to meet and help so many amazing people thus far. I am excited to keep helping and guiding the next great leaders in history. I am a Gypsy Christian Seer, and when God gives us a dream, we should embrace it’s essence. God reveals what He wants us to know, in the readings. However, being spiritual does not necessarily mean being religious. The Universe complies, and reading this right now has a bigger meaning already. We have met for a reason, and the intention behind this practice, was and always will be this: To help people find their peace of mind, and to feel joy, so that they may influence others, making the world a better place, one conversation at a time. Decisions should be made with logic, reason, instincts, and intuition.

With great power comes great responsibility. - Voltaire


Jennifer Green
Jennifer Green

Please, if you require my services, contact me directly. If you have any general questions, or maybe you had a particular dream, comment your name, location, and most importantly, the question on your mind. I can't wait for the chance to interpret your message. It may be the one I answer on my blog.

I look forward to speaking with you. In the words of my grandmother, Two heads are better than one.

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Jennifer Green
My phone number: (615)944-9707
Email me at: NashvillesAstrologer@gmail.com
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Twitter: @JenGreenEpic
Check out my radio show, Journey Into The Light: Chapter Two, at www.paraxradionetwork.com,
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